Es totalmente cierto.

Hacerse de un nombre en el branding mucho más allá de las relaciones públicas, es una profesión que implica un compromiso de vida, así que he decidido presentar como mi apellido el valor que me he ganado a pulso con mis clientes: la excelencia.

Es el ejercicio de este valor -y una exhaustiva investigación, lo que nos brinda la competencia para embellecer un mensaje, porque crear valor es encontrar belleza.

Carrera Profesional

Un título en diseño editorial y una maestría en negocios digitales seguidos por más de diez certificaciones profesionales en la industria creativa suenan como una apuesta segura para una carrera en ascenso, pero ¿qué es un papel firmado sin un papel de liderazgo? ¿Y a dónde llega la excelencia sin la experiencia?

Especializado en branding y contenidos digitales, he desarrollado a través de 10 años un portafolio multidisciplinario desde dentro de una compañía internacional y hasta el emprendimiento de mi propio viaje como consultor privado en el corazón de una agencia de contenidos digitales.

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  • 2010

    Design Researcher | Guanajuato School of Design

    A thesis called ‘Digital Strategies for Design & Illustration, and its application on the editorial industry’; it basically made me proficient in Photoshop.

  • 2011

    Editorial Intern | Design, Architecture & Arts PhD Committee

    I graduated hungry of the world and ended up right back in my school, however, designing pages for these library monsters created within me an inner Wikipedia of trends and colors.

  • 2012

    Junior Editor in Chief | Miel Magazine

    The soul of scholars put in paper, Miel Magazine stands as one of the widest student-oriented publications, and it introduced me to budgeting, with a lack of a sufficient budget of course, and how to manage an amazing and proactive staff.

  • 2013

    Digital Media Director (Latin America) | Fashion Television

    By working into the spanish department of the most expanded fashion channel in the world, I learnt how visuals are made, from shows of influencers in Youtube to one hour specials on the best designers alive.

  • 2015

    Manager of Operations (Latin America) | Fashion Television

    My boss left us all for L.A., so I had to become the new her, with much less caffeine and way less staff, but in the bright side, there was no need to make my toes bleed in high heels.

  • 2016

    Editorial Director (Global) | Fashion Television

    Designer Orsola de Castro said that ‘starting small and staying small is beautiful’. I totally agree, conscious growth has given me the chance to collaborate with renown fashion companies, on a daily basis and in a wide range of operations.

  • 2017

    Editor-In-Chief Fall Winter 2016-17 |

    As editor in chief, I managed the site's private press about the latest insights in design and retail for the Fall-Winter 2016-17 season, triplicating the partners sourcing our news to publish what was to come in fashion business and trends.

  • 2018

    Independent Consultant

    Leaving a company for your own is not simple, but what can I say? I've been traveling Mexico with my Fashion Branding Bootcamp, work flows beautifully...and on top of that: I get free sundays!


Digital Marketing Essentials

(600 mins)
National Institute of Social Welfare & Work

Conecta Communications Congress: The Brand DNA in Fashion Communications.

(60 mins)
University of Leon

The Beauty Of Void: Psychological Heritage of the Black Color

(120 mins)
89 Cultural Forum

Spring Summer 2016: An Analogy to Interior Design

(60 mins)
Guanajuato School of Design


  • 2012

    Leadership / Time Management

    Young Leaders Summit Mexico

  • 2013

    The Power Of Colour

    London Design School

  • 2014

    Gender Studies

    UVEG / Based on the UNICEF Development Program

  • 2015

    Fashion & Luxury Business Management

    Bocconi Institute of Milan

  • 2015

    Social Networks Marketing

    Tec de Monterrey

  • 2016

    Inbound Marketing

    Hubspot Academy

  • 2016

    Fashion Innovation

    University of Leeds

  • 2016

    Fashion Sustainability

    Ethical Fashion Forum

  • 2017

    Digital Fashion Business

    Fashion Week Academy

  • 2017

    Fashion Media

    Vogue + Parsons School of Design

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