Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring Summer 2017

When the brand advertises that all of your dreams about unique fashion creations start with wearing Celia Kritharioti, they’re not lying.

CELIA KRITHARIOTI Couture Spring Summer 2017

 «Without heart, the world would be quite different» (Odysseas Elytis)

Celia Kritharioti is a signature name in Greece since 1906, with a fashion house cemented in the heart of Athens, where history meets myth.

Myth surrounds its Spring Summer 2017 couture collection with an unspeakable elegance that quietly dominates the atmosphere; a set that vibrates in a high frequency fluent in the language of spring color: yellow, solar and festive. Pink, the heart of love. Azure blue, symbolizing the genesis and the human ties bonding in eternity. White and silver stand for innocence and generosity, while black, as a counterpart, comes to emphasize the whole.

Exceptional embroideries, fringes that flow in accordance with body movements, vaporous feathers, organzas, tulles and ruffles, and elaborate braids dancing over spring cotton lace, no wonder the collection is an ode to the flowers. An ode that reminds us that we can always search for our inner spring, and even if we are not born in the French capital, we can always bloom anew under the Parisian sky.