Full Collection: Joseph Abboud Fall Winter 2017 at NYFW


Joseph Abboud celebrates its 30th anniversary with a collection drenched in mystery, and colored in the dark shades we all love for a stylish day.

30 years mark more than half a hundred concepts developed for garments walking the New York Fashion Week stage, that’s the recent milestone that represents the Joseph Abboud Fall Winter 2017 show. Evoking Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” with the Gothic allure it deserves, the collection offered 50 pieces in sumptuous textures, saturated colors and dramatic silhouettes.

«With our 30th anniversary in mind, designing my Fall range was a reflective and introspective process. We continue to celebrate the American man, American production, and the masculine individuality that is inherently Joseph Abboud,» explained the designer – «I was deeply inspired by the striking architecture of Gothic cathedrals, which is reflected in the construction of the clothing—lapels are exaggerated, coats are sweeping, cape-like, and our signature Traced Fit™ is slightly relaxed to allow for ease of movement.”

The exquisite details present in the collection showcased, regarding materials, rich jacquards, opulent brocades, knit herringbones, quilted leather and water-stained velvet. Silhouettes had plenty of layering over the casual approach in knits and cashmere, and when it comes to color, the mood previously described emerged in the rigorous palette of black with accents in aubergine, madder green and stain glass blue, later evolving into a crescendo of angelic ivory and alabaster.

The designer moves along with the pace of the modern era, remaining contemporary yet practicing its exquisite touch to structured outfits, Fall Winter 2017 is an ode to the darker side of beauty, ready to be worn under the neon lights of the city when the Joseph Abboud man feels the best, cutting up with his sharp walk the captivating aura of the night.