Highlights: Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017 | Day 2

In the second day of Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017 designers offered a myriad of diverse styles, from Margiela’s deconstructed pieces to the elegant Laroche’s lady-like confections.

Courrèges took the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017 with its iconic piece: the mini skirt. Designing for busy women, it does not shy away from displaying bare legs. Vinyl was a mainstay material as was tradition with the brands apogee in the sixties; comfortable coats contrasted with the character of the otherwise lively collection.

Maison Margiela loves recklessness. It embarked on a theme of deconstructing pieces on its own area of expertise; then merging cutaways and colorful appliqués, accessorizing the looks with inside-out bags turned hats. All a much praised focal point on the runway.

Nude tones dressed some of Margiela’s fabrics, and so they also did in Lanvin with a completely different result: ethereal silhouettes met romantic arrays quoting some poetry with the feminine and aqueous fall of the fabrics.

Following the previous day’s strong offerings on a masculine womenswear wardrobe, Nehera blurred boundaries with stylists giving a voice to what it would be like to be a woman in men’s clothes. A loose and laid-back aesthetic gave permission for free movement, as empowering as an androgynous collection can be.

For its 100th Anniversary, Dries Van Noten celebrated with personalities brought back from the modeling industry climax from the nineties. Casual comfort was once again a must. A businesswoman is shining as the leading role in French fashion nowadays, and more so than ever before- giving off a regained confidence- with spacious trousers embedded with useful pockets.

To close a substantial day in the world of design, Guy Laroche was the epitome of the French savoir-fare, an acid-free color palette evoked a ladylike elegance with muted colors and exquisite details serving the brand’s luxe, from a leather belt to a ruffled neck crowning the pieces in fancy simplicity, Laroche went for a feminine accession to comfortable luxury as if Michael Kors signature style was elevated to couture.

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